Unpasteurized Honey – Health Benefits of Unpasteurized Honey

Many people do not understand the reasons behind dilution or excessive honey densities. Some people are of the opinion that unpasteurized honey may not be of high quality.

Unpasteurized honey is not always thicker than the regular honey. The temperature of the honey is the main factor of honey’s density. Consequently, density is not the only way to prove whether pasteurized or unpasteurized honey.

The thickness of honey depends on the source of the nectar. First, honey is affected by the weather, humidity, rainfall, soil and the environment. Secondly, the type of flowers has a determining role in the thickness of honey.

Some flower-based honey varieties from different parts of the world are thicker than others. For example, acacia honey is more liquid than other types. Some say that wormwood has some of honey’s qualities as well.

unpasteurized honey

Some types of flower honey tend to crystallize faster than others and cold temperatures accelerate this process, especially those below 10 degrees Celsius.

In warmer climates, where temperatures reach over 30 degrees Celsius, honey stays liquid for a long time. If honey has formed grains then place the jar with honey in a container of warm water at a temperature of 30-35 degrees Celsius.

Another reason that makes honey more expensive it’s the gathering process from the hay at an unsuitable time. Bees slam their wings into the hive to encourage water vapor until the honey becomes more concentrated and then cover the wax hays. If honey is collected before full water evaporation, then moisture content will be high. Therefore, thin honey is not always a sign of falsification. This means that densities of honey should not always be decisive for the purity or quality of honey, including unpasteurized honey.

unpasteurized honey

Bacteria are impossible to reproduce in honey thanks to its composition, so naturally the question arises as to why large companies pasteurize honey, why unpasteurized honey is not sold? Pasteurization is more of a marketing issue.

Some types of honey crystallize faster and this is what consumers perceive as a defect. Pasteurization delays the crystallization and preserves the pleasant appearance of honey advertised on the shelves.


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