Appendicitis Symptoms, Causes and The Dangers it Brings

Appendicitis is a part of the colon, it appears mostly children, but happens also in adults.

In animals, appendicitis plays a major role in the dissolution and digestion of plant-source foods. In humans this part is unnecessary and we can live without it without any problems.

What causes appendicitis?

Appendicitis (inflammation, burning of the chondritis) can be caused by an infection or by something that is being blocked. It is not known clearly why an infection occurs, but a theory is that the bacteria normally found in the digestive tract occupies the wall of the suppressor as a result of the weakening of the body’s protective system and causes an infection.

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What are the symptoms of appendicitis?

Children usually describe a major pain in the center of the abdomen that sometimes comes and sometimes goes away. Later the pain is shifted to the right part below the abdomen and worsens. It transitions into loss of appetite and vomiting.

The children may have a high temperature and may have a dry tongue, a faint face, stretched out, and having trouble with breathing due to the pain. Sometimes the symptoms are not regular and whenever there is severe pain in abdomen should be considered the possibility of appendicitis – contact your doctor immediately.

Initial diagnosis can be easily mistaken and half of those who have been operated have had no appendicitis. it might get confused with food poisoning, swelling of the lymph glands in the abdomen and urinary tract infections.

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How can appendicitis be treated?

If you have severe pain, do not consume anything, but contact your doctor immediately. Urgent surgical interventions are needed (apendectomy) to remove the appendicitis before it ruptures.

If the infected fluid is released, it is spread to the abdomen which causes the abdominal cavity to touch and may cause many subsequent problems such as preventing the woman to get pregnant.

If the appendicitis is not treated it can lead to death. The patients are given antibiotics, sedatives and intravenous fluids. Children are doing well a few days after the operation, but there are further infections and if you are concerned about the health of the children after surgery you should check with the doctor immediately.

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