Many Health Related Problems Can be Detected Through Self-Diagnosis

The appearance of the body can tell us a lot about our health in just a few minutes,  so spent a few minutes at take a look at your body in the mirror.


Nails – What do nails tell us about our health?

Dark spots on the nails may be signs of melanoma. Stains, respectively nail strips, yellow, brown or black, are a sign that you visit your doctor as soon as possible. If discovered early, skin cancer can be recover in 95 % of the cases.

White, long, thin strips on the nails may mean that the kidneys are not working properly, or that they can not filter proteins from urine. To be sure everything is fine, however, do not hesitate to contact your doctor as soon as possible.


Armpits – How can armpits help us identify health problems?

The dark spots on the armpit skin may indicate diabetes. Excessive insulin in the blood can lead to tissue and melanin collection. Therefore, the skin in that part looks darker. Blood analysis can reveal whether everything is OK.


Knees and elbows – What can Knees and Elbows tell us about our health?

Pimple acne on knees and elbows may be a sign that you have cholesterol elevated. Unfortunately, at this stage, this means that cholesterol is really high, but changing food and lifestyle can alleviate and reduce the risk of heart disease.


Scalp Scale – What does having scalp scale mean?

If you create head lice that falls on your shoulders like dandruff, it is likely that you are under stress and that your body produces more cortisol hormone. It can dampen the scalp and for this reason it is repeated dandruff. The dandruff shampoo can help.

Eyes – What can eyes tell us about our condition?

Dark circles around the eyes, apart from fatigue and insomnia, may mean you have allergies. Allergic people release histamines in their body, while blood vessels and other fluids appear on the site where the skin is thinner.

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