How You Hold Your Handbag – Interesting Facts

We need plenty of time to find the ideal handbag, and the way we carry it speaks a lot about us.

Whether you carry your handbag on your shoulder, in your hands or do not carry it at all, body language experts emphasize that in that way we discover a lot about ourselves. Look at which of the ways we carry the handbag that speaks. to us.


Handbags on the shoulder and near the body

You are practical and you need to verify that you are a trusted person. You do not want to spend your time on trivial things, you need to be a wise person in the public and constantly care for yourself. If you tighten your body handbag while you carry it, it shows fear, lack of confidence or worry if someone does not rob you.

The handbag freely falls on the shoulder

You are spontaneous, careless and accept life as it is. People recognize you as a person of self-confidence and faithfulness. Do not bargain for brands and brands, your style is functional and free.


Hand handbag

Carefully look out for status and position, but not so often highlight the handbag brand you carry. Usually, the big handbags are worn as a sign you want to attract attention. Hand out your handbag with pride and it gives you a sense of superiority.


Handbags in hand

People see you as well-organized and successful person. People who carry the handbag this way want to attract attention in their garment. If you hold the handbag with both hands in front of you then that tells that you are embarrassed and you need to be protected. It is possible that you are suffering from anxiety and want to stay sideways.

Handbags crucified in front of the body

This bag transfer enables you to walk freely in the crowd and is common to people who live in large cities.


HandBags crushed behind the back

You are calm and shows that you trust others. You walk with an open mind and with a clear purpose, while the bag is just a show of your independence. You do not want to be borne with the things you carry.


People who carry their backpack are independent and want to look after themselves and others. Until there is the necessary freedom, you want to be ready for every possible situation. Believe in a healthy life, do not bother what others think about you and you are proud of yourself.

You don ‘t carry any handbag

If you do not carry a bag, then you rely on others to carry things around you. You have faced so much that carrying your handbag can only hinder you. This may mean that you love freedom so much that you do not want anything to be burdened with. You are very confident in what you are and want someone to consider you as you are, not to judge you based on what you are carrying.

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