Carbonated Drinks Promote Pancreatic Cancer – Soda Pancreatic Cancer

New studies in Singapore have revealed that consuming two or more carbonated drinks a day increases cancer risk by up to 87%.

Pancreatic cancer is one of the malignant types of carcinoma, considering that the survival probability of five years from the moment of diagnosis is only 5%.

The incidence of pancreatic cancer is also associated with a number of factors, such as abnormal life, high calorie consumption, smoking and decreased body activity, which are also in the same group with the consumption of carbonated beverages.

One of the mechanisms that is responsible for carcinogenesis is the stimulation of high pancreatic cancer cells, while the fact that carbonated drinks fill the organism with harmful sugars is undeniable.

Sparkling beverages, even with a bit of calories or sugars, contain chemicals that guarantee destruction to the organism.

Coca Cola, Cold Drink, Soft Drink, Coke

The problem with sugary sparkling drinks is that they are a hotbed of serious concern for the organism. There is a large amount of suspicious chemicals and chemicals found in them, such as aspartam, BPA (or bisphenol A), chemical dyes.

Aspartame is a substance at least 200 times sweeter than sugar. It is dangerous because it causes dizziness, memory loss, diarrhea, migraine, regular headache, fluctuations in humor and so on.

Bisphenol A is created to mimic the structure and function of the estrogen hormone. Because of its form as estrogen, BPA may bind to estrogen receptors and affect body processes, such as growth, cell repair, fetal development, energy level and reproduction.

The artificial dye is a carcinogen, because it is produced by the heating of ammoniacal sugar. Within this artificial dye there is a chemical named 4 Mel, which is on the list of ingredients to be avoided.

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