Beetroot Juice Cleaner of the organism

Beetroot juice is an extremely beneficial for our body. It’s especially recommended in the winter, when the organism needs great protection from infections and viruses.

The Japanese call it a “body cleanser” because it cleanses the body from cholesterol and triglyceride, it is an active diuretic that cleanses the stomach and stones, helps to digest fat, calms the bronchitis and eliminates the cough, while it’s also stimulating idolatry.

Beetroot juice can be consumed as a drink or it can be added to various foods such as salad. Winter is the most suitable season for the consumption of beetroot juice. It contains many mineral substances important to health.

It contains many vitamins such as A, C and so on. Vitamin C helps prevent aging of the skin and also prevents the stains on the skin from appearing. Eliminates acne on the skin. Prevents the development of carcinogenic cells and arteriosclerosis.

beetroot juice

Beetroot juice contains mustard oil, starch enzymes and raw fibers, which may increase appetite, promote the digestive process in the stomach and relax the cough.

In addition to vitamins, this vegetable also contains many dietary fiber, especially plant fibers, which can promote stomach and intestinal function, avoiding constipation and promoting metabolism.

Beetroot juice stimulates the work of the gall bladder. Thanks to the phosphoric oil, it stimulates the mucosa excretion of the respiratory organs, so it is recommended in cases of bronchitis and cough.

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